Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's in the bag! ...Popcorn that is

Popcorn is a "feel-good" snack for me. Perhaps it is because it brings fond memories of movie nights as a kid...or maybe it just hits that buttery salty spot like nothing else.
Anyway, I found on pintrest directions for microwave popcorn with just a paper lunch bag. Alright, lets try it. Guess what! It worked!
Directions: 1/4 unpopped kernels in a paper lunch sack fold over top (no staples!) microwave on high for...oh...I set mine for 3 minutes but stay close! Once the popping slows to less than 1 pop for 3 s econds stop it and take it out the dress it however you like
Now I love buttery salty popcorn, but my insides have a war with anything dairy or related to dairy, so I had to give up my butter. Happily I found this spread that comes in soy or sunflower oil (I'm not in the US so I don't know what is available there) and this stuff melts like butter and tastes like margarine - close enough for me! The best thing is it hold the salt on so I have a happy mouth and happy tummy.
..oh, and the kids are happy to have some too!

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