Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My New Purse

I have a tendency to trade out purses frequently. It is the way I clean out what I have and don't need. I had found this cute pattern on Pintrest and wanted to give it a try...but with a few of my own modifications. I love it so far. It was a bit trickier than I had thought it would be, and my machine might sew a nicer stitch after some service (when we move back to the states that is near the top of my list)but I am still pleased with the final results.

Warm and fuzzy home

We decided to welcome these little warm fuzzies into our home. Why you ask? What is the point? Well, each of these little pompoms represents a and act or behavior that showed love, respect, or kindness. The point is I'm trying to encourage good character. It works like this: When any one of my kids shows a good attitude, or behavior that I want to recognize (if it is something they always do, I may not want to point it out, but if it is something I know they struggle with, I will want to show praise) I give them a fuzzy to put in the jar. We are moving in a year so we are trying to see how many jars we can fill before then. What do they get when they fill a jar? Well, they get the pride and satisfaction of a job well done. Seriously, I want them to develop good character for themselves, not for a treat. They still like receiving and depositing these soft babies, and it is a fun colorful way for me to call attention to positive behaviors. My kiddos (5, 7, 9, and 11 years old) don't seem to really need much more than that.