Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking a break from packing...

We are in the throws of a BIG move and I just had to take a break. Kids are at grandparents for a few weeks so I can get some work done without their well meaning, but not so helpful "help".
I came across, in my cleaning several broken dress-up necklaces that had been hidden in an empty can (sometimes I don't ask's just easier to accept what is). I had a creative inspiration and while my lunch was warming up I grabbed my hot glue gun and had some fun. Now they have a decorated-necklace-treasure-holder to suprise them when we unpack.
Think they'll like it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Teacher's notebook

A friend recently asked about how I get organized for homeschooling, so I thought some pictures might help.
First let's talk about my notebook. I use a simple 3 ring binder. I've seen people use fancy ones or decorate them, but I'm fine with plain.
I did get these great dividers to put in it that have pockets. These are great for answer sheets or printable that we will need in the next few days/weeks.
The first section I have is a basic blank calender, that I sketch out things like holidays, vacations, and weeks just off school.
Then the other sections are for each child's schedule. In this notebook I only keep 1 quarter of assignments at a time. (This is the section for my 4th grader)
At the back of my 4th and 2nd grader's sections, I have a score sheet just for my own reference. I plan on making changes to this sheet to make it a little easier to use.
This is the 2nd grade's section.
Here is the kindergartner's.
Last is the preschooler's. His schedule is very general and I only follow it as well as he is interested. Some days sorting cars by colors is just right for school - and we toss the schedule.
Each child also has their own notebook with their own copy of their schedule. In their notebook I keep the schedule for the whole year, adding each quarter as we get to it. This serves as our yearly records.
The older two have dividers to add any loose papers. Most of their writing is in spiral notebooks, but there are quizzes and worksheets (and sometimes pages from co-op) that I want to keep in here.
Finally, each kid has a shelf to keep all their books, with exception to their spiral notebooks that stay in a pocket on their chair. (The 4th grader's)
(The 2nd grader's above, and Kindergartner's below)
(and recently added, the Preschooler's) I do find the more kids I add to the mix, the better organized I get. I'd lose my mind if I didn't!