Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Comb Finder

I have 3 young girls, who can NEVER seem to find their combs or brushes. I have made pockets for them, placed labels on them, bought 3 different styles so they would know which was theirs...still every day we hear, "I can't find my brush!"
So recently, My husband found some fairly inexpensive combs and drilled holes in the handles. He also got some chute-cord (a very long stretch of it).
We took all of this into each girls' bathroom, they are luck to each have their own for the time being, and we tied one end of the cord to a comb. We measured and cut a length that would allow the girls to stand back and be able to comb all of their hair comfortably in front of the mirror.
Then we tied the other end of the cord to a fixture in the the bathroom so the comb will never leave the bathroom. My dear husband also singed the ends so they would not unravel. Now, as long as they do not figure out how to untie the knots, we will hopefully not hear about missing combs for a while.