Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some of my hubby's handy work

Just sharing some projects that My husband finished just before our big move.
He finished this beautiful coat/hat rack just before the movers came. Please ignore the piles. It was the easiest way of organizing I could think of so I could tell them, "everything in this room goes to the sea shipment. Everything in that room goes to storage."
He created a stand for the church choir to hang the mic cords on so they would be off the floor and out of the way.
He also remade the stand for the acolyte sticks.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Linen Closet Solution

Years ago, my mom told me about an article she had read where they suggested putting your folded sheet sets in the the pillowcase to keep them all together in the linen closet. Now I see the same idea all over Pinterest.
Well, the idea is great, but my family is now large enough that having sheets for 5 beds of varying sizes, and a family that doesn't always pay attention to what sheets fit what bed...I needed a simpler answer. I needed an easy way to tell what size the sheets were so sleepy-middle-of-the-night bed changes, or my do-it-my-self 3yo could be sucessful without creating too much extra work for me. I had an abundance of extra pillowcases, so instead of storing sheet sets in the matching pillow case, I put the sheet sets into "color coded" pillowcases. Twins, in white, queen in dark blue. We are preparing for a big move, and I think these are the only sizes of bed we'll have, so the king and full size sheets will be stored (in different colors) till the next move.
* Disclaimer: I am not an expert of folding sheets, this is as neat as my sheets get. Also, these pictures are taken on the floor as these sets are getting ready to go in a box for our move. If you really want to see them in a closet, you'll have to request that after the big move is over.