Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful Chain Tradition

Over the last several years we have developed the tradition of making a "Thankful Chain" on Thanksgiving. Simply put, during a meal, we go around the table and each say something we are thankful for. Each thing is written on a separate strip of paper.
We keep going around the table till we can't think of any more things to write down, or we run out of paper. These strips of paper are then taped into a long chain. Finally, we hang this up as our first Christmas decoration of the year.
The rest of our decorations haven't caught up to us yet, but our chain has been hung so we are beginning to feel a bit in the spirit of the season anyway. Happy Holidays to one and all!

Today's Textile Therapy

I have wanted a tree skirt for our Christmas tree for a while. But in years past it just wasn't to be. Today, the family went on an outing to the fabric souk and discovered many wondrous finds. Among these finds were these fabrics.
Hubby and I did some quick figuring to determine how much I needed to make a tree skirt and we figured 4 meters would be more than enough, and I could use the spare for a runner or something (or somethings).
When we got home I did some more figuring, measuring, re-figuring, and double checking those figures. Then I had Hubby check my math to make sure (this wasn't cheap stuff, so I didn't want to blow it). I really appreciated my Jr. High math teachers today!
This is the end result. Now if our household goods would just arrive so I can put it around the Christmas tree, it would be complete.