Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick, Fresh , New Napkins

I really mean quick!

We have used cloth dinner napkins for years. Early on, I used terry cloth utility towels I bought from the store. Later, when we started using cloth diapers, the complaint was made that the napkins looked too much like the rags I used for wipes. So, a couple years ago I decided to make some flannel ones. I found some flannel on sale and made some. They were very simple and effective, but small. We have used them regularly for the last 2 years, and they are showing some slight wear, but they have held up well.

I came across some navy flannel on sale and thought that it would be just right for napkins for my messy family. I ordered 2yds and washed and dried it as soon as it came. This afternoon I got my chance. I measured the washed fabric and calculated that I could get 48 napkins measuring just over 11" square. Once I got them all cut out I started surging the edges. (I really whipped them out so don't look to close to the corners; if I were to make some to give someone else I promise I would take a little more time to make them look nicer.) I kinda like the contrast of the white thread on the blue. Done in around 2 hours.

Now, these are for normal everyday, practical use. They may not be "formal dinner" nice, but we rarely have formal dinners so informal absorbent and bigger works for me! Another plus is if I don't get to the laundry for a couple days, we are still covered. Yay!