Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's in the bag! ...Popcorn that is

Popcorn is a "feel-good" snack for me. Perhaps it is because it brings fond memories of movie nights as a kid...or maybe it just hits that buttery salty spot like nothing else.
Anyway, I found on pintrest directions for microwave popcorn with just a paper lunch bag. Alright, lets try it. Guess what! It worked!
Directions: 1/4 unpopped kernels in a paper lunch sack fold over top (no staples!) microwave on high for...oh...I set mine for 3 minutes but stay close! Once the popping slows to less than 1 pop for 3 s econds stop it and take it out the dress it however you like
Now I love buttery salty popcorn, but my insides have a war with anything dairy or related to dairy, so I had to give up my butter. Happily I found this spread that comes in soy or sunflower oil (I'm not in the US so I don't know what is available there) and this stuff melts like butter and tastes like margarine - close enough for me! The best thing is it hold the salt on so I have a happy mouth and happy tummy.
..oh, and the kids are happy to have some too!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A new first for me...

I haven't posted for a while due to the big move. Things are settling down a little so I will hopefully have more to post soon. In the mean time I thought I'd just share a little tid-bit.
My dear sweet loving husband it trying his best to spoil a way. I have had a few opportunities to go out and spend time with other women (without the kids). He has always encouraged me to go to these things, with the hopes of saving my sanity.
Well today I had the chance to go to a "Spa Brunch" with several of the ladies around here. I had never had a manicure nor a pedicure, and today I had both! It was fun to sit and chat with other moms over brunch and be pampered a little. I did let someone else pick the color for me as I really had no idea what to choose. So, What do you think?