Sunday, April 8, 2012

I got the table all set up! Drawers are filled, and work space is arranged. I even got to do a little sewing on it already.

I picked out the stool first and then he determined what height to make tabletop.

In 3 drawers I have cans to wind and store all my notions, and 3 drawers hold all of my patterns (Boy/men's, women's, girl's). The drawer above the shelves holds all of my thread and bobbins.

The Lazy Susan isn't quite done yet, but it works nicely. Since both my surger and sewing machine can use the same foot pedal/power cord, I can simply unplug one machine, spin it to the other side, and plug in the other machine. Sweet!

The Susan will not be attached to the table, so if I need extra work space I can move it aside. I can also adjust where the pedal sits, so I can position the machines wherever I need to.

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