Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iced Coffee Treat

Since moving to a more tropical climate, I have found iced coffee to be a nice treat as hot coffee just doesn't sound appropriate. Running out isn't such a great option time wise, nor financially. So, after a few tries I finally figured out how to make it to my taste.

First start with a pot of coffee. I make it a little stronger since it will be mixed with ice. My pot is small, and since I will drink only 1-2 cups of coffee a day, and occasionally give my 2nd daughter coffee to help with focus it works well. I make a full to the rim pot and it will last me a day or two.

When the pot is done I take it out and let it cool, then I have a quart mason jar that I pour it into and keep it in the frig. I do this as I'm enjoying my last cup of Iced Joe so I have some chilling all the time.
Before I pull the chilled jar out, I take my favorite mug and fill it with ice, all the way.

Pull the cold coffee out of the frig.

I like my coffee creamy so I fill the iced fill mug half full, and add sweetener. Sometimes I might add a little vanilla if I'm in a fancy mood.

Finally, I add milk to fill. Regular milk. Creamers are nice, but I like what I get with plain milk (I use skim) so that is what I use.

I don't normally like ice in my drinks but I get around this by using a straw to stir, sip and enjoy! My mornings are much happier.

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