Friday, March 15, 2013

Packing for vacation

Rolling outfits together! Why hadn't I done this before? I've packed their outfits in baggies but they are so slippery and then the baggies seem to litter every where and get lost, and I always feel like I'm just wasting the bags. I done other methods...but this one really worked. I rolled a complete outfit (including undergarments and socks) and packed them in their suitcases on our most recent trip. (We were traveling to a colder climate or the rolls would not have been so bulky) Extra layers and pajamas fit nicely on top. When it was time for showers or to get dressed, my kiddos could just pick out one roll and they had everything needed. I had the kids help me construct the roll before the trip began, but half way through the trip I had to do laudry. No problem, I just stacked the clothes and rolled up the outfits again. Suitcases stayed neat and tidy (this is BIG for me). My younger two have smaller bags, but the rolls still fit nicely with room for pajamas and an extra jacket. I was able to fit 7 rolls in each kid's luggage.

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