Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jars for presents

As we were working on these my oldest lights up and says, "Mom! You must take pictures to post on Pintrest!"

Well, I'll post them here and share there. They were fun.

I mixed some white glue with water and we "painted" the mason jar with the mixture. We then laid tissue paper on the wet surface and "painted" over the paper to insure it was stuck.

The colors did bleed some but it made a neat effect.

I set the jars in the oven not to bake, but because it was a safe spot away from curious little hands.

We placed cousin's Christmas presents inside to ship - I think they made it safely.
I used a circle of construction paper under the ring to brighten up the lid and write the recipients name. Festive looking, huh?

I also had the kids repeat this on tin cans to make some pencil/tool holders for their daddy. I suggested they try doing fewer layers and they did which allowed some of the metallic shimmer come through. Now, I might have them do more for the school room.

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